To gorge or not to gorge? How do you consume TV?

4 Posted by - June 4, 2013 - hazy, TV

TV-eye how do you consume TV?I’m not a big TV watcher. But when I watch, I REALLY WATCH.

The Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Golden Girls (?!) When I sink my teeth into these puppies I really go for it.

But sometimes I wonder if it’s healthy to sit through twelve straight hours of television, the only reprise being toilet breaks and trips to the kitchen (in an attempt to create something edible from water crackers and tomato paste). Hmm. Perhaps not.

However… when I discuss this with friends and family, almost everybody I know does it like me. They’re unlikely to tune in faithfully (to anything on the box) week-by-week. They are however, partial to the occasional TV marathon or two.

Is our attention span really so short now that most of us would prefer to watch a series back-to-back, as opposed to (God forbid) waiting?

What are your viewing habits? Do you sit patiently? Or do you want it now?

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